Sunday, 22 May 2016

Back To Number One

An excellent session last week saw Sir Richard Long Mallard comfortably win the day by seven clear points. Cracking goals and some very good passing moves ensured that not only did he win the day but also regained his #1 ranking. 

The Hard Court Sheriff, played a great all round game with some great shots and marvellous defensive moves. He even passed the ball too. He put in his best performance of the season so far to come second on the day. Well done Paul

Young Jack hacked his way to third place on the day although he did score some incredible goals.

Nick was the top scorer on the day with 18 goals although this could have been more as in one game he had at least 18 shots on target before he eventually got one in. 

Kol didn’t do very well on the day and stumbled into 5th spot. He scored a couple of impressive goals but his highlight of the day was  completing the “Four Corners & The Spot” in an incredible 53 seconds. The first player to get under the one minute mark.

Mr Roger only got to sing “I am the on one only” nine times but when he does sing it, he sings it well.

Dean came along and did a bit of reffing which is always amusing.

Oh, Carl “The Iceman” was there too.

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