Sunday, 30 March 2014

What a Washout

Apparently it was a bit wet last weekend. I didn’t play but reports are that there was a lot of that rain stuff. A brave few turned up and played a few 2 on 2’s. Well done all those who played.

It may have looked a bit like this:

This week sees the return of the big burning thing in the sky so lets have some fun, fun, fun in the sun, sun, sun!

Sunday, 23 March 2014

He's Big...He's Red...He's.........

An excellent win for Big Red last week. Although he complained about being tired and not doing well throughout the session he still finished in a convincing 1st place. Well done Big Red. Unfortunately Big Red is away on holiday this week so will not be playing. 

Andy “Gandhi” put in another excellent performance coming in a solid second place and scoring an impressive 8 goals. Well done Andy.

Up until last Sunday Adam hadn’t lost a game all season. An excellent record which was unfortunately destroyed last Sunday. Only losing 2 out of his 8 games it was still an impressive performance. This was also Adam’s third session of the season which means that his ranking can now be worked out correctly. Well would you look at that. Adam goes straight in as the number one ranked player. Well done Adam but I feel you may have a few more difficult games from now on. It is tough at the top.

Last week saw the return of Kev “Dragon” Brown. After trying out bike polo last year Kev has eventually built himself a bike and is now hooked on bike polo. He didn’t disgrace himself though. After a lot of great passes and some excellent shots Kev eventually got a well deserved goal. Well done Kev.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Attack And Defence Win

An impressive win by Nick “The Shouty One” Dalton last week saw him keep his top spot in the league and retain his number one ranking . An absence of “Big Red“ and “The Workaholic” left the gates open for Nick and he turned in an impressive performance scoring a total of 15 goals. The most scored in a session this season just beating Adam’s 14 from the previous week. Well done Nick but remember it get tough at the top.

The most improved player of the season must be Will “Crappy Foot” Fish. Although not a prolific scorer, only getting one goal so far this season, he is quickly becoming the king of defence. All you could hear last week was shouts of “Great block Will”, “How did he stop that?” and “For ••••’s sake Will just let me score”. His hard work paid off and resulted in a very impressive second place. Well done Will. It just goes to show that it’s not always about scoring goals.

A good result for Young Jack “The River Horse” sees him go up to #4 in the rankings. This will not make Dean “Double Dean” Dent happy as he does like being #4. This week Dean is #6.

Bryan may be absent for a few weeks due to breaking his entire body after a spectacular fall. We hope you make a quick recovery and get back on the court as soon as possible.

The sun is out so lets play polo. Not that we need the sun to play. Just mentioned it because it is sunny and I’m not used to it. 

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Mix It Up Sunday 9th March 2014

The Results

The Goal Scorers

The Games

The "Workaholic" Wins!!!

Adam “the workaholic” does it again. Only his second session of the season and he gets another 1st place. This time he didn’t lose a single game. In fact he has only lost one game all season. Well done Adam. Adam will be living up to his nickname this week and will not be playing. 

Jen made her Spring Season debut last week and finished in an impressive 4th place. A much improved performance saw Jen in some great attacking positions and making some excellent defensive moves or was it “just getting in the way”. Well don Jen and a well deserved 4th place.

Brakeless and feckless. That’s how you could describe “the statsman’s” performance last week. After a couple of good wins and a hat trick a snapped brake cable saw “the statsman” riding round the court in ever decreasing circles shouting “TIME OUT.... TIME OUT.... I’VE GOT NO F***IN’ BRAKES”. A quick fix to his bike left him with only a semi-working rear brake. He didn’t win a single game after that and it was only the earlier wins and a good goal difference that kept him in 6th spot. This week things will be different. After a couple of hour work yesterday he has brakes.... not just any brakes ... but proper fully functional brakes. When testing the bike he commented, “Shit that’s scary”.

The sun is out and the wind has dropped so LETS PLAY POLO!!!

Monday, 3 March 2014

Mix It Up Sunday 2nd March 2014

Well done Adam and a good result for Jen on her 1st session of the season.

The Results

The Goal Scorers

The Games

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Rib Tickling Fun

Mr Roger returned last week after recovering from a bicycle (not a polo) related injury. Sore ribs kept him out for two weeks but he certainly made an impression when he returned. Winning 7 out of the 9 games and drawing the other 2 he took the session by a clear 7 points. A most excellent performance Mr Roger. Well Done.

Young Jack was absent last week which confused us all a lot. There was nobody giggling every time someone fell off, nobody “getting in the way”, nobody interrupting me and NO JAFFA CAKES. We did miss you Jack.

“Andy Gandhi” continued with his good form and secured a comfortable 3rd spot which moves him up to third in the league. Well done Andy. Even with a bad result Big Red remains top and is still ranked #1. Will we ever catch him?

There may be more confusion today. Dean “Double Dean” Dent who almost all of last season was ranked 4th, struggled last week remembering ranked 3rd and may struggle even more this week as he is now ranked 5th. You still only have to remember one number Dean but you do have to remember that the number has changed.

The weather should be OK for today so Lets Play Polo!!!!

I couldn’t find a suitable picture for today’s post so here’s a picture of a sad herring.