"Mix It Up" Sundays

Points and Stuff

Like in that game with the round ball and high wages teams get 3 points for a win and 1 point for a draw.
Games are played first to 5 goals or until time runs out.
If a team wins before the time is up they will get 1 bonus point. (e.g. 5-4, 5-3, 5-2, 5-1).
If a team wins 5-0 they will get 2 bonus points.

How It Works

Players are given a number based on their current ranking. A players ranking is based on their performance in previous sessions. These rankings are then used to identify teams for each game. Pre-set game sheets are used for each session. The player ranked #1 will be player #1 on the game sheet. If a ranked played doesn't turn up then the players below him move up (e.g. if player ranked #3 is absent, player #4 will become #3 for the day and so on).

Normally players will not play the same team combination more than once in a session. (except if only 5 or 6 players attend). As you can see from the game sheet below in game #1 player 1 is on the same team as players 3 and 6 but in game #2 player 1 is on the same team as players 5 and 7. Where possible the top 2 ranked players will not be on the same team. Likewise the bottom two ranked players will not play on the same team. This hopefully creates more balanced games.

The results of the session ore worked out on the individual players performance. (As players do not generally play on the same team combination more than once, team results are irrelevant). Each session will have an individual winner.
Goal scorers are also recorded and therefore each session will have a goal scorers ranking too.


A players ranking is based on their performance in previous sessions. Performance is based on the maximum number of points available from the number of games a player has played compared with the number of points actually achieved.
For example if Mr Roger plays 10 games and wins 8 his performance will be 80%. (24 points out of 30 available).
If two or more players have the same performance percentage then they will be separated using goal difference.

The League

The weekly results are fed into a spreadsheet to calculate the League Table. The League table is used to calculate overall performance, player stats, goal scores and of course the league itself

Sound complicated? Its not really...all you have to do is turn up, listen for your number and play. The rest is done by magic, a strange man, and a spreadsheet with more sheets than a diarrheic's laundry room. Enjoy!

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