Sunday, 27 September 2015

"Mix It Up" Sunday 27th September 2015

What a hot day. Well done everyone.

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...and a hole in one

Richard “Long Mallet” got his third win of the season last week and after his he recent success he is now ranked #1. If that wasn’t enough for him he is also number one in the league and the top goal scorer. I think he likes the number “1”. Well done Richard.

Young Jack “The River Horse” was on fire and couldn’t stop winning and scoring in the first half of the session. He was well on his way to winning the day but he was getting a little bit tired and maybe needed a nap. I’m sure there was a bit of giggling going on too which may have affected hits performance in the second half of the session. Nevertheless Jack put in an excellent performance and took third spot on the day.

Guinness Dave had the most interesting shot of the day. Although he missed the goal the ball went straight in to the back area and landed delicately in hole of a roll of gaffer tape (or bicycle polo net repairing sticky cloth on a roll as we like to call it). A most excellent shot Dave. I’m sure in that game called “golf” it may have scored you something but in the bicycle polo world it was just “interesting”.

Somehow Kol “The Statsman” managed to come second and PC Paul “ The Hard Court Sheriff” came in with a solid mid table 4th place.

Adam “The Workaholic”, Nick “The Souty One” and “Guiness” Dave could only be separated at the bottom of the table on goal difference

Well done everyone.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

"Mix It Up" Sunday 20th September 2015

A "Cracker Jack" of a day. Well done everyone.

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Richard "Long Mallet" II

Wow. Richard “Long Mallet” got his second win of the season with an even more convincing win. Not losing a single game and only drawing three, Richard got an impressive 95.83% performance beating his previous best of 83.33%. He is now ranked #2 just behind Adam “The Workaholic”. Well done Sir.

“Guinness” also Dave put in an excellent performance to come third on the day. His highest finish of the season. Some say that his skills have improved, some say it was his new mallet but when it comes down to it he did bring a “Lucy” with him and that really seemed to up his game quite tremendously.

Lucy joined in and did a spot of score keeping for us. Her score keeping style was a bit different to say the least. Sometimes intriguing, often confusing but mainly just made up. Thanks for helping out Lucy .

Carl joined us again after not playing since his debut a year ago. He didn’t do too bad either beating his brother PC Paul “The Hard Court Sheriff” by two points. Well done Carl. In fact PC Paul had a bit of a nightmare. He managed to keep off the bottom spot but only on goal difference from Dean “Double Dean”  who although looked very impressive on the day, failed to rack up the points.

After his impressive second place last week Mr Roger is taking the day off to take “The Boy” down to that there London. Hopefully he won’t catch “cockernee” whilst he’s down there. I hear it can be quite difficult to ride your bicycle with a “cockernee”.

Well done everyone. 

Monday, 14 September 2015

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Almost Caught By The Fuzz!

Last season Adam “The Workaholic” came along for one session won every game and scored all the goals. Last week saw Adam’s first attendance of the Autumn season and once again he won although not quite as convincingly as the previous season beating PC Paul by just 2 points.. He even managed to score several “Hipster Hat Tricks”. A very good performance indeed. Hopefully he will return to play again this season. Well done Adam.

PC Paul “The Hard Court Sheriff” has had a couple of excellent results recently coming a very close second in the last two sessions. Its not going to be long before he wins. Could it be this week. Rumours are that he has a new mallard with a highly polished head and a slightly longer shaft. I’m sure he will be prodding and poking us with it today and there is a high possibility of him knocking his balls right in the back of the net.

The league is getting very interesting indeed. Nick “The Shouty One” still tops the table on 56 points but he is closely followed by Richard “Long Mallet”, Kol “The Statsman” and PC Paul “The High Court Sheriff” all on 54 points and only separated by goal difference. Dean “Double Dean” is also in the mix on 49 points. Today could see everything change.

Richard “Long Mallet” turned up with a brand new mallet which seemed to work quite well as he was the top goal scorer on the day although for some reason he seemed to want to put it under his front wheel a lot. This did result in a slight bit of damage to his thigh.

Mr Roger had a bit of a nightmare session coming last and only winning one of his games even though scored 11 goals. This is Mr Roger’s worst start to the season since records began but don’t write him off yet he has the ability to turn it round and a few good results could soon see him quickly climbing back up the table.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

"Mix It Up" Sunday 6th September 2015

A very hot session for September. Well done everyone.

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Bent Wheel, OG & The “F”Word

Richard “Long Mallet” pushed his trusty steed to the max last week. He unsuccessfully attempted a few very tight turns . When I say a few I mean a lot. He seemed to spend more time on the ground than he did on his bike. Nevertheless his over exuberance soon paid dividends and he eventually succeeded in bucking front wheel. Even with a buckled wheel he still managed to go on and win the session. Well done Richard.

Own goals seemed to be the order of the day with everyone managing to score one apart from “Guinness” Dave. PC Paul “ The Hard Court” Sheriff” even managed to score two. Despite the own goals PC Paul went on to come second on the day.

Andy “Gandhi” wasn’t on form last week and he couldn’t match his previous weeks epic blood covered 2nd place and ended up coming in last. Perhaps the injury was taking its toll on Andy or maybe he was a bit distracted by his upcoming date with a young lady. Back of the bike sheds stuff.

The least we say about the “The Shouty One’s” verbal performance last week the better. Here’s a pictorial representation  of Nick’s use of the “F” word.