Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sunday 30th June

A very hot session today. Well done to Mr Roger who gets his first "Mix It Up" win. Big Red almost got first spot but lost out on goal difference.  Well done to everyone who played.

Let's Get Shouty

It’s Hot, Hot, Hot ... Let’s Get Shouty
... and Don’t Lose Your Bottle 

Nick (The Shouty One) is still dominant at the top of the table but as we all know he gets very grumpy in the heat. Today’s temperatures are expected to get up to 23 degrees so expect Nick’s grumpiness to rise accordingly. I suspect there will be a lot shouting, falling off and possibly another attempt to throw his bike out of the court. Hopefully today we will some of our favourite sayings from Nick such as, “Get out of the way Jack”, “Where are you?”,  “I can’t do it all on my own” and my personal favourite, “Sorry...sorry...sorry...”.

Dean and Big Red are still battling for second and third spot in the league. Big Red is only 3 points in front of Dean. Time to put your personal battle to sleep for a week boys. A good team effort by both of you today could see you catch Nick at the top. Come on boys lets “Get Shouty”.

After a three week absence Kol is back. When asked if he was match fit Kol said “I’ve never been match fit in the past so why should this Sunday be any different?” and “I can’t wait to get back on the court, hit some balls and “Get Shouty”.

Newbie “Mad Anthony” made a good first impression coming 3rd in last weeks “Mix it Up” session. Lots of spectacular falls and some very good close play. I’ve not seen it yet but I’m sure he too can “Get Shouty”. Watch out people Mad Anthony’s about.

A bit of Health and safety.

It’s going to be very hot today so bring plenty of water. We don’t want you peeps dehydrating. Young Jack please note that the water is for drinking and not for squirting at Dean

Monday, 24 June 2013

A Blast From ThePast

7th June 2012 saw our first ever practice session. A lot of rain, broken bottles and fun. It seems like such a long time ago now. WOW

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Rain Stops Play

Unfortunately polo is cancelled today due to the weather. It is forecast for rain from 8am until 8pm. Unless you like water polo there is no point in turning up. Hopefully normal service will be resumed next week.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Goal 9th June 2012

Totally the Wrong Way Nick

Last seasons classic “Wrong Way Jack”  was topped last week with an unbelievable effort from “The Shouty One”. As you all will remember (how could we forget) last season Young Jack was faced with an open goal and in a moment of madness forget which way he was going and cleared the ball. Last week Nick went one better. With Big Red covering goal and the attacking team way up the court, there was no pressure on Nick to drop back and sweep up the ball. Instead lunacy struck and Nick swept across the front of goal and took a shot. Luckily Big Red made a great save. Big Red then reminded Nick in a courteous manner that they were on the “same f***kin team”. Was this a moment of madness or was Nick deliberately trying to ruin Big Reds chances of topping the league. Luckily Nick remembered who was on his side and they went on to win 4-2.

Kol will not be playing again this week due to injury but will be along to ref. This will give young Jack the opportunity to climb above him in the league.

We are all concerned about “Young Jack” at the moment. We have noticed changes in his behaviour recently and Jack’s current obsession with decorating his bike with fluffy chicks along with the video evidence from last Sunday’s session, where we can clearly hear what can only be described as the screams of a tortured young girl go to prove what we have all been thinking ... Jack has been possessed by the ghost of Shirley Temple..... “On the good ship lollipop.....”

In other news;

Will “Double Dean” Dent stop missing open goals this week. 

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Sunday 9th June

Another good session. Nick gets his form back and Big Red gets a good 2nd place on goal difference.

Double Bikes and Dodgy Shoulders

Its the second week of the season and already we have an injury. Kol has damaged his shoulder and is unable to play this week. After several attempts at self-surgery (usually after a lot of alcohol), Kol has come to the conclusion that some things are best left to the professionals. Kol will be attending this week to assist with refereeing and more importantly, shouting at “Young Jack”.

Mr Roger out and about riding a double-bike this week and may not be back in time to join in the fun. Maybe he should bring the Tandem guys and gals to the polo session and we could have a go at double-bike polo.

Last week saw a close finish at the top of the table with Dean, Big Red and Nick all on 13 points. Dean just edged it on goal difference which was well deserved as he seemed to score all the goals last week. How selfish of him. Watch out Dean, “Big Red” and the “Shouty One” will be  going in for the kill this week. Will it be a “Double Dean” week or will we see some “Double Trouble” from Nick and Col.

One last thing. “Heads Up” Bryan is back this week and all fired up and looking to getting a good result and some points on the table.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

The Summer Starts Here

This is it boys and girls (and Dean). Its day one of Hull BicyclePolo's Summer League. And what a lovely day it is too. The big burning yellow thing in the sky is out again and rumours are that it will be out all day. Time to top up the white vest tan.

Just a few questions for the start of the season;

Will Young Jack ever get out of the way?

Will Nick ever be able to do it all by himself?

Will Mr Roger ever lose it and show us his angry side?

Will Dean ever stop falling off his bike?

Will Kol stay calm for just 5 f**kin minutes?

Will Big Red manage to get an even tighter turning circle?

Will Adam become the new "Shouty One"?

Will Bryan ever get his head up?

Will Luke show us how it should be done?

Will Mark turn up?

Anger Management at the Ready.
Bring on the Polo!

Sunday 2nd June 2013

A great start to the season. A nice sunny day with a very good selection of snacks.
Dean, Big Red and Nick all finished on the same number of points. Dean managed to take top spot on goal difference. Well done everyone who played. It was a great day.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

3 Ways to Succeed

The 2013 Summer Season starts on the 2nd of June and will run until 29th September. A total of 18 weeks to show just how good or bad you are.

There are now three ways you can succeed.

1. The weekly "mix it up" sessions

A mini tournament held every Sunday. Getting to the number one spot at these sessions can be a challenge.
See how the "Mix it Up" sessions work here; Mix It Up

2. The League Table

New for this season. All the games played on the mix it up sessions are logged in the league table. The more you play the more chance you have of getting higher up the table. This will benefit those who turn up and play every week.
Check out the league table here; Summer League 2013

3. Ranking

The average position for each player is ranked. This will benefit those who win a lot but can't make every session. Those who play every week may find that they are higher in the league than they are in the ranking. The ranking is also used to set up the games for the mix it up sessions. The higher up the ranking you are, the more difficult games you will have.