Monday, 29 July 2013

A Bloody Good Sunday

A bit of a "friendly" session this Sunday. Young James joined us for a bit of a knock about. After making a good impression and scoring a couple of good goals he decided to throw himself off his bike. Considering this was his first time in match play, he did very well and got some very nice cuts and bruises for the Hall of Pain. Well done James

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Big Red Does It At Last

Big Red eventually did it. After weeks of  coming 2nd, last week saw Big Red get to the number 1 spot. A convincing win beating Kol and Nick by a clear 4 points. Kol took 2nd place but only on goal difference and Nick got third. Well done Big Red.

Only 4 players have won a Mix It Up session so far this season. Nick (3), Mr Roger (1), Dean (1) and Big Red (1). It must be time for someone else to have a go. Come on boys and girls get your Polo Mojo on and take that #1 spot.

Big Red is now challenging for the #1 spot in the League. He is only 11 points behind Nick and with a potential 10 sessions to go and people being absent due to holidays anything could happen.

Bouncing Bryan

It looks like after last weeks performance Bryan must now hold the record for the most spectacular crashes in any one session. It seemed as if every time I looked Bryan was on the floor in a tangled mass of bikes. Some incredible crashes Bryan but I think you need to work on your dismount a bit more. At the moment the Judges are scoring you 10 points for the initial crash but only 2 points for you dismount and 1 point for your landing. These are the areas you need to work on or maybe you should just stop falling off.

Bryan also has the most entries in the Hall Of Pain. His latest entry was last weeks bloody thumb.

Bring on the Polo

Monday, 22 July 2013

Mix It Up Sunday 21st July 2013

Results of yesterday's Mix it Up Session. A convincing win by Big Red. Kol beat Nick to 2nd place on goal difference. Adam, Mr Roger and Young Jack were only separated by goal difference for 4th, 5th & 6th spot and Bryan just fell off a lot.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

A Little Less Grumpy!

Last weeks showcase event at Swanland Playing Fields was a huge success. Just for once we managed to get through a whole session without a single argument and with very little swearing. Well done everyone.The award for greatest self control must go to Adam who, for some unknown reason, wanted to fall off his bike every 5 minutes. Even before we started a match he was laid on his back in the middle of the court with his bike on top of him. Could it have been the pressure of the occasion, has the festival season taken its toll or has he just lost it.

After a year of dedicated service and commitment, today sees the retirement of Orange balls #3 and #4. Ball #4 will be spending his retirement at the “Hallett School of Bike Polo”. Headmaster Mr Roger said “Ball #4 will have a happy end eventful retirement with us. Although he will never again play a full blooded match he will still feel the caress of our mallets”. Ball #3 now join Squishy Orange Ball at the “Get Back in the Box” retirement home. We wish both of you a very happy retirement.New Ball’s “Pinky” and “The Brain” will be making their debut today. Good luck guys. Excited by the news of their call up Pinky commented, “It is a true honour to be a part of the Hull Bicycle Polo scene and we can’t wait to get rolling”. When asked about the dangers of the sport The Brain said “The nature of the sport will always result in injuries but that is what we expect. We wouldn’t do it if we didn’t know the risks. Obviously in the back of our minds we will always remember the day when Ball #2 “Mr Splitty” met his tragic end. Our thoughts go out today to Mr Splitty and his family and we would like to dedicate this session to his memory”

Thursday, 18 July 2013

New Website

Our website has been updated. More links...more photos ....more fun

New Balls Please

Whoooooooooohoooooooo! Our new balls have arrived. Thanks to East Coast Bicycles for making sure our balls stay nice and firm over the summer months.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Swanland Playing Field Gala 2013

We all had a great day out at Swanland Playing Fields. It was very very very hot.

Excellent photos from Luke Hallett.

See them all here;
Facebook Photos

A Great Day Out

What a great day out at Swanland yesterday. It certainly was a hot one. Thanks to Nick, Annie, Roger, Jane, Luke, Bryan, Debs, the 'little un', Adam, Jen, Alastair, Jon, Will, Kol, Young Jack, Jack's Mum, Sean, James, Emily, Dean, Jayne, Charlie and everyone else who turned up. Twas Great Fun

Sunday, 14 July 2013

How Rude!

Last week’s heat certainly got to Nick “The Shouty One” Dalton and he really outdid himself. After a slow build up Nick became increasingly aggressive. An initial coming together between Nick and Dean “Double Dean” Dent resulted in a verbal outburst from Nick starting with “What are you ****ing doing you ****”. Dean doesn’t usually get angry but he went bright red and using all his communications skills told Nick to “*** Off”.  This coming together seemed to start a personal battle between Nick and Dean.
This culminated with the last play of the day. Kol was in a good position and just about to take a shot on goal when the battling Nick and Dean totally flattened him. Bikes and players went everywhere. Unfortunately for legal reasons we cannot fully repeat everything that was said at this point. Even I was shocked at the amount of foul language.
An abandonment of the session and a calming down period gave Nick the chance to rethink his actions and came out with the best apology I’ve heard for a long time...”You’re not a ****, you’re a dear friend”.  In a post session statement Dean said “It was a ‘legal’ challenge but where I would have usually backed out to avoid an accident. This time I thought bollocks and went in committed”.

Even Psycho star Anthony Perkins isn’t that violent on the polo court.

Unfortunately I can’t think of anything else that happened last week. I think someone scored a goal or something like that.

This week will be different....

This week we are doing a showcase at the Swanland Playing Fields Gala. After last weeks behaviour this could be a bit of a risk for the guys and gals at Swanland as today is a family day. Everyone has promised to be on their best behaviour but peoples reactions in the heat of the moment are always unpredictable.

Come on guys, for one day only can we just....

Calm the  **** down!

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Swanland Playing Fields Gala 2013

Hull Bicycle Polo are doing a showcase at Swanland Playing Fields. A "bit of a demo", "come and have a go" and a "full blooded match". Should be fun.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

7th July 2013

What a hot day. Temperatures were certainly high today. Although everything was calmed down with a few ciders later. Well done to Nick for his 1st spot again. Once again Big Red came 2nd. One day Col you'll be first.

A Right Good Rogering

Last week saw an excellent effort by Mr Roger and Big Red. It all came down to the last game of the session. A win for Big Red would have seen him win the session with a clear six points. Mr Roger’s team beat Big Red’s by 2 goals to nil which tied them on points. Mr Roger only just took the #1 spot on goal difference.
Unlucky Big Red.... One week you will be #1.

“He’s not going to be happy with that!”. Nick currently sitting at #1 in the league had a terrible week. Only winning 3 out of 8 games and coming in 4th on the day. Watch out peeps I’m sure he will be all fired up today.

Kol made his return from injury last week All his promises of not being grumpy and controlling his temper went out of the window when he started up throwing his bike and mallet all over the court. Kol has made no promises this week so expect more of the same.

Dean “Own Goal” Dent had a nightmare of a session. He possibly scored more goals than anyone else, but unfortunately most of them were in his own goal. An unexpected back pass left his team mates in disbelief as the ball charged straight through the centre of the goal. If it had been an attacking move it would have been a most excellent goal ..... but it wasn’t. 

Watch out Jack’s back.

Need I say anymore. Unfortunately I’m not allowed to say anymore. He has taken out a Super Injunction preventing anyone commenting on his recent social networking activity. Come on Jack lift the Super Injunction. You’re killing me with all this silence.