Sunday, 20 September 2015

Richard "Long Mallet" II

Wow. Richard “Long Mallet” got his second win of the season with an even more convincing win. Not losing a single game and only drawing three, Richard got an impressive 95.83% performance beating his previous best of 83.33%. He is now ranked #2 just behind Adam “The Workaholic”. Well done Sir.

“Guinness” also Dave put in an excellent performance to come third on the day. His highest finish of the season. Some say that his skills have improved, some say it was his new mallet but when it comes down to it he did bring a “Lucy” with him and that really seemed to up his game quite tremendously.

Lucy joined in and did a spot of score keeping for us. Her score keeping style was a bit different to say the least. Sometimes intriguing, often confusing but mainly just made up. Thanks for helping out Lucy .

Carl joined us again after not playing since his debut a year ago. He didn’t do too bad either beating his brother PC Paul “The Hard Court Sheriff” by two points. Well done Carl. In fact PC Paul had a bit of a nightmare. He managed to keep off the bottom spot but only on goal difference from Dean “Double Dean”  who although looked very impressive on the day, failed to rack up the points.

After his impressive second place last week Mr Roger is taking the day off to take “The Boy” down to that there London. Hopefully he won’t catch “cockernee” whilst he’s down there. I hear it can be quite difficult to ride your bicycle with a “cockernee”.

Well done everyone. 

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