Sunday, 27 September 2015

...and a hole in one

Richard “Long Mallet” got his third win of the season last week and after his he recent success he is now ranked #1. If that wasn’t enough for him he is also number one in the league and the top goal scorer. I think he likes the number “1”. Well done Richard.

Young Jack “The River Horse” was on fire and couldn’t stop winning and scoring in the first half of the session. He was well on his way to winning the day but he was getting a little bit tired and maybe needed a nap. I’m sure there was a bit of giggling going on too which may have affected hits performance in the second half of the session. Nevertheless Jack put in an excellent performance and took third spot on the day.

Guinness Dave had the most interesting shot of the day. Although he missed the goal the ball went straight in to the back area and landed delicately in hole of a roll of gaffer tape (or bicycle polo net repairing sticky cloth on a roll as we like to call it). A most excellent shot Dave. I’m sure in that game called “golf” it may have scored you something but in the bicycle polo world it was just “interesting”.

Somehow Kol “The Statsman” managed to come second and PC Paul “ The Hard Court Sheriff” came in with a solid mid table 4th place.

Adam “The Workaholic”, Nick “The Souty One” and “Guiness” Dave could only be separated at the bottom of the table on goal difference

Well done everyone.

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