Sunday, 13 September 2015

Almost Caught By The Fuzz!

Last season Adam “The Workaholic” came along for one session won every game and scored all the goals. Last week saw Adam’s first attendance of the Autumn season and once again he won although not quite as convincingly as the previous season beating PC Paul by just 2 points.. He even managed to score several “Hipster Hat Tricks”. A very good performance indeed. Hopefully he will return to play again this season. Well done Adam.

PC Paul “The Hard Court Sheriff” has had a couple of excellent results recently coming a very close second in the last two sessions. Its not going to be long before he wins. Could it be this week. Rumours are that he has a new mallard with a highly polished head and a slightly longer shaft. I’m sure he will be prodding and poking us with it today and there is a high possibility of him knocking his balls right in the back of the net.

The league is getting very interesting indeed. Nick “The Shouty One” still tops the table on 56 points but he is closely followed by Richard “Long Mallet”, Kol “The Statsman” and PC Paul “The High Court Sheriff” all on 54 points and only separated by goal difference. Dean “Double Dean” is also in the mix on 49 points. Today could see everything change.

Richard “Long Mallet” turned up with a brand new mallet which seemed to work quite well as he was the top goal scorer on the day although for some reason he seemed to want to put it under his front wheel a lot. This did result in a slight bit of damage to his thigh.

Mr Roger had a bit of a nightmare session coming last and only winning one of his games even though scored 11 goals. This is Mr Roger’s worst start to the season since records began but don’t write him off yet he has the ability to turn it round and a few good results could soon see him quickly climbing back up the table.

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