Sunday, 6 September 2015

Bent Wheel, OG & The “F”Word

Richard “Long Mallet” pushed his trusty steed to the max last week. He unsuccessfully attempted a few very tight turns . When I say a few I mean a lot. He seemed to spend more time on the ground than he did on his bike. Nevertheless his over exuberance soon paid dividends and he eventually succeeded in bucking front wheel. Even with a buckled wheel he still managed to go on and win the session. Well done Richard.

Own goals seemed to be the order of the day with everyone managing to score one apart from “Guinness” Dave. PC Paul “ The Hard Court” Sheriff” even managed to score two. Despite the own goals PC Paul went on to come second on the day.

Andy “Gandhi” wasn’t on form last week and he couldn’t match his previous weeks epic blood covered 2nd place and ended up coming in last. Perhaps the injury was taking its toll on Andy or maybe he was a bit distracted by his upcoming date with a young lady. Back of the bike sheds stuff.

The least we say about the “The Shouty One’s” verbal performance last week the better. Here’s a pictorial representation  of Nick’s use of the “F” word.

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