Sunday, 29 December 2013


What a festive and cheery session we had last week. At times it was total chaos with several periods of what can only be described as a shambles and at other times it was pure class. A superb passing move between Dean “Double Dean” Dent and “Statsman” Kol saw Dean through on goal with only the keeper to beat. The opposition gasped and shouts of “brilliant” and “f**k me” were heard as Dean approached the goal. Almost in slow motion Dean took the shot and time seemed to freeze as the ball went flying pas the net. Almost instantly Dean commented, “It would have been perfect if I’d have scored”. To true Mr Dent and nice of you to state the obvious but it still has to go down as the best move of the day. Lets see some more this week.

In true festive and cheery spirit “Young Jack” persisted with his giggling until he eventually got Nick “The Shouty One” to bite. “What the f**k are you laughing at?” came the shout from Nick immediately followed by a chorus of “He’s being cheery and festive” from the other players. Oh I do like the way you wind Nick up Jack but just remember “He can’t do it all by himself”.

Will “Crappy Foot” got closer to the ground than he did to the goal last week but unlike “Lumpy” he used his knee and not his head to cushion his fall. Playing one legged for the rest of the session, Will made several valiant efforts at scoring. The most memorable being him just about to take the shot only to be tackled and taken off his bike by Jack. Well done Jack. You will score soon Will but it is difficult when even your own players try to stop you. Soon Will soon. Maybe not today, maybe tomorrow (well not tomorrow as we are not playing tomorrow) but soon...

In other news, Jack was pushed off his bike by Dean. I believe he deserved it.

I couldn't find a representation of a shambles so here's a picture of Justin Beiber.

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