Sunday, 1 December 2013

Needles, Poo and Polo

We turned up last week to find the Tory Scum goalmouth full with the largest pile of rubbish I have ever seen. Needles, bottles, paper and possibly a dead body filled the area.

Mr Roger (The Poo Spotter) also pointed out two large deposits of Poo at the Dukes end of the court.  This was not any old Poo, it was big, sloppy and strangely brown and was definitely not deposited by an animal. Nick (The Poo Sweeper) did an excellent job of removing the Poo from the court leaving just two slightly smelly stains. Will (The Poo Treader) seemed to be drawn to these stains. He had a favourite stain and managed to walk through it several times during the afternoon. Andy (The Poo Standee) took a different approach to the Poo situation. No matter how hard he tried he seemed to end up standing directly on top of the Poo stain.

Mr Roger gets the “Golden Brush” award for his valiant effort in getting the court cleared. Andy and Will share the “Dirty, Dirty Boy” award for their obsession with Poo.

In other news....We eventually played some polo. Well done to Nick who came top and Mr Roger who came in second place and maintains his lead at the top of the league table. Andy put in an excellent performance and came third. His highest position so far. Well done everyone.

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