Sunday, 25 October 2015

Double Dean & The Long Mallard

Two weeks ago saw an epic battle between Richard “Long mallard” Franks and Dean “Double Dean” Dent. Both players were on top form. Although Dean won the most games Richard was involved in all 5 of the bonus point games putting him equal with Dean at the top with 22 points. It was only goal difference that separated them at the end of the day with Richard eventually winning. Very unlucky Dean. A great performance by both. Well done both.

Between the hacking and giggling Young Jack put in another great performance and secured his third successive third place. Well done Jack. Maybe this week you could come second or even first. Well done Jack.

Newbie Jacob put in a great performance at his first “Mix It Up” session coming in forth place beating Carl on goal difference. He even managed to score a goal and has gone straight in as the forth ranked player. Well done Jacob.

Despite an excellent performance and a lot of singing “I am the One and Only” Mr Roger only managed 6th place on the day. We wont mention “Hard Court Sheriff’s” or “The Statsman’s” performance apart from to say that they didn’t do very well. 

This week is the last week of the Autumn season. Don’t worry though the winter season starts next week. Richard is well out in front at the top of the table and unless he doesn’t play today and we all play a gazillion games it looks like he is staying there. Poor performances this week from Kol and Paul could see them lose their second and third places with Dean, Mr Roger, Jack and Nick all within striking distance. Its going to be a very interesting day indeed so come along and let’s play polo.

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