Sunday, 4 October 2015

Big Bangs and Origami

Sunday saw a very warm muggy September day which seemed to come off the back off a wet and changeable period. Seven foolhardy polo-sters turned up with glee in their eyes and fire in their bellies. But the reality left us all sapped of energy and devoid of much conversation.

Having said that we had another jolly good session with the characteristic comedic events. Mr Roger “The One and Only” ended up following through only to emerge wearing the goal like the cape of Joseph Merrick. PC Paul decided to stop dead in front of a player thus giving us a detailed lesson in wheel origami and Sir Richard Long Malard of Dickiness spectacularly burst his rear tyre spraying the court in tube healing slime.

Also some polo was played! In fact Mr Roger played exceedingly well dethroning Sir Richard Long Franks from his recent success.

Unfortunately it didn’t go well for Kol who answered so many questions about the rules that he was distracted and finished last. 

In other news Dean “Double Dean” finished 4th. Which should please him!

This week is Sunday Funday. So put your bike jumble finds to good use (Paul) and bring a friend for lots of fun and jollity


Wellington Lane Hardcourt From 2pm Today

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