Sunday, 21 September 2014

Return of "The One and Only"

Mr Roger produced an excellent performance last week to win the session by a clear 3 points.  After a slow start he soon got into the swing of things. Although he complained of not scoring many goals earlier in  the session, he went on to be the days top goal scorer with 16 goals. Well done Mr Roger.

After finding his form the previous session and with a new bottom bracket and crank set Dean “Double Dean” Dent was determined to do well last week. He didn’t let us down and put in an impressive performance to come second on the day. Dean has been formerly excused this week due to “work commitments”. In a statement he said “I think after a 1st and a 2nd I have done well enough to be excused from beating everyone all the time”. How rude?

"Guiness"Dave seemed to playing his own version of the game on Sunday. If the idea of the game was to put your foot down then Dave would have won by a mile.  At least his chain didn’t come off last week.

Will “Crappy Foot” Fish put in his best performance of the season and although he only scored 6 goals, they were all pretty spectacular. Although PC Paul came last on the day his performance didn’t reflect the result. With some great moves and excellent passing he deserved more. Well done both!

Well that’s it for this week although I am sure there was another incident last week ..... now then ... what was it? ... Ah the nagging pain at the bottom of my leg has reminded me. Kol “The Statsman” (me) now holds the record for the fastest falling off ever. A super fast joust followed by a ball under the front wheel saw Kol upside down with his bike tangled round his leg. This was just 4 seconds into the first game. Afterwards Kol said “It was quite a controlled dismount but then by bike decided to try and eat my leg”. Kol survived the incident and went on the come third. 

Let’s hope everyone stays on their bikes this week. 


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