Sunday, 28 September 2014

“Mad Cow” Deceased?

Last week PC Paul turned up on his newly built steed. “Mad Cow” was a spectacular looking piece of engineering and immediately caught the attention of the other players.  Jesting, Kol “The Statsman” said “That’s cool...... I’m sure we’ll break it!”. Unfortunately for  PC Paul “Many a true word is spoken in jest” and later on in the day Kol crumpled Mad Cow’s rear wheel in a slow motion coming together. Some said that his wheel was “as bent as a nine-bob note”, others said “It’s twisted like a pigs ...... er ..... tail” and I’m sure I heard one of the younger players say “It’s F••••d”.  Kol did a bit of wheel surgery (kicked it) and got the wheel moving again (just). 

It wasn’t Paul’s day. A minor tumble saw his leg cut and his pride dented. He was also struggling to concentrate. He said “All I could hear was Young Jack chasing Kol around shouting “I’m coming up your back”. Nobody really knew what Jack meant but he did make himself laugh.

Later Kol had to show Jack how to put clothes on. It is amazing how the youth of today can understand and used incredibly technology but they can’ put on a simple zip fronted, armless, hooded cardigan. 

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