Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Grumpy Grumpy Grumpy

This must have been the grumpiest week ever. Adam started with a few whinges, Kol totally spat his dummy out, Nick tried to throw everything out of the court and Adam got very grumpy towards the end. As always "Young Jack" was the happiest and laughed at everything.

Dean did exceptionally well in the 2 v 2 mix.

All of Dean's good work in the 2 v 2 was wasted in the 3v3. He only managed to get 7th. At the start of the day Adam was in 2nd place in the overall seeding. Coming in 5th in the 2 v 2 and 6th in the 3 v 3 is going to have an effect on his position.

Team B just beat Team A but only on goal difference.

Apart from the grumpiness, it was another great polo session. I think all that sun we had may have caused the grumpiness. We're not used to those temperatures in Hull.

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