Sunday, 12 May 2013

Keep Calm and Play Polo

Well after last weeks diabolical exhibition by Kol, Nick and Adam it has been suggested that they all take anger management classes.

Kol has promised (for the third time) not to get grumpy this week. We will see how that goes. I did see him spill his cup of tea this morning which resulted in a lot of 4 letter words. I also mentioned to him that when writing this blog he should stop referring to himself in the third person to which he replied "Who the f**k are you?" and "I am the Mallard Keeper...twisted Mallard Keeper".

Adam's not available this week. Official sources say that his absence is "work" related but the rumour mill suggests that he is either still sulking or "just scared of it".

Young Jack is also absent this week. I wonder who is going to step up and take Jack's role of "getting in the way". Its a tough role to fill but I'm sure someone will manage. Also Nick will have to find someone else to shout at this week. Maybe without Jack around to shout at he may be a bit calmer this week.

Dean "Mousebladder, Wounded Knee, Sick Boy, Double Dean" Dent is going to be a little teeny bit hungover today after a heavy drinking session. I think we need a shorter nickname for him. Could be a good day to wind him up and push him round the court a bit. Let's see how many times he falls off. I personally have never got drunk on Babycham.

As always we meet at Welly Lane Hardcourt at 2pm

Get out of the way .......

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