Sunday, 3 April 2016


I don’t know what happened during the rest of last weeks session but the Carl and Kol show was the highlight of the day. It was a 2v2 and both players were fired up and looking for a win. They soon found themselves a goal down and were not too happy about it. They quickly got their game together and Kol brought them back to one all with a cracking shot from an excellent pass from Carl.


With the ball just millimeters away from the oppositions goal line and Kol’s mallet poised ready for a tap in the heat of the moment got to Carl and he decided to (quite forcefully) take Kol out and tap the goal in himself. Kol was most disgruntled and threw his bike at Carl. Then it got really silly. Kol decided that Carl had been a bit greedy and decided to tackle him as often as possible which resulted in scoring a goal himself.

Once the giggling and silliness was out of the way they got their acts together and went on to win 4-1. Needles to say Carl went on to win the session and Kol didn’t but don’t be fooled by their bizarre playing style. This double-act could go a long way. Who knows they may even be the next Chuckle Brothers.

Let's hope today is as much fun. Wellington Lane Hardcourt 2pm. Everyone welcome to come and have a go.

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