Sunday, 17 January 2016


Only five of us last week but we had an excellent session. With a lot of hard fought 2v2’s it could have been anyone’s day but Richard “Longmallard” put in a good performance to get his first session win of the season. Well done Richard.

Double Dean and Kol “The Statsman had a strange day. Most games the played together started off very well and then were thrown away in the last few minutes. They almost had one impressive moment of glory. Playing against Richard “Longmallard” and PC Paul “The Hardcourt Sheriff” they soon went 3-0 down. It was a big ask to come back against  such a formidable team but they certainly gave it a go. In a very short space of time they were soon back up to 3-3 but their hopes of victory were dashed by a last minute goal from the opposition. So close yet so f&*$%ng far away.

Bad light stopped play. Well I say bad light. The wasn’t any light at all. All we could see was the faint glow of the ball at one end of the court while all the players were at the other end fumbling around looking for it. Needless to say the last game of the session was abandoned.

It was Young Jack’s 16th birthday yesterday so don’t expect an appearance from him today. He will most probably be laid in a puddle of his own vomit surrounded by a whole load of empty cooking whisky bottles mumbling “Nick taught me how to drink”. Happy Birthday Young Man.

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