Sunday, 1 November 2015

The Winter Season Starts Today

Wrap up well because the winter season has arrived. Expect shorter darker, more miserable sessions with every kind of rain possible. We may even get hail or even snow. Sometimes it may seem like the end of the world is upon us. It will feel like the cold will never end and we will be frozen forever. The court will be icy, slippery, and even more uneven than normal. We will stare in wonder at the floodlights that were and dream of the day when they shine again. But none of that really matters. Its only a bit of weather. A glitch in the world that is polo. A hindrance to overcome and we shall overcome. We will don our shorts and vests. Place our helmets firmly on our heads and raise our mallards high and exclaim as loud as we can so all the world can hear “Fek its cold I’m going to put another layer on”.

Congratulations to Sir Richard “Long Mallard” on his second successive league victory and very well done to PC Paul “the Hard Court Sheriff” for his 2nd place and Dean “Double Dean” his last minute move into 3rd spot.

Thanks to everyone who turns up and keeps bicycle polo thriving in Hull. Well done everyone.


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