Sunday, 9 August 2015


So we had a week off. Yes just one week. That’s one session but it seems like forever. Hopefully everybody should be rested and those who got very wet last time should have dried out by now.

The last session of the Summer Season was very very wet indeed but Richard, Nick, Jack, PC Paul and Mr Roger all braved the weather and played what turned out to be one on the best sessions of the season. Kol “The Statsman” who had read ALL the rules reffed the session and surprisingly received very little abuse from the players. Still injured, Kol will be once again reffing today and he even has a whistle. So watch out the rules will be enforced.

At the end of the day Richard “Long Mallet” and Nick “The Shouty One” could only be separated for the top spot on goal difference . Well done both. Perhaps if “The Shouty One” hadn’t have come off his bike and landed arse first sideways on his saddle he may have won the day. In other news Young Jack wore a nice shade of blue.

After this performance Richard “Long Mallet” went on to win the Summer League. Kol although not playing the last session managed to hold onto second place and Mr Roger did just enough to keep his third spot. A great season. Well done everyone.

Today sees the start of the Autumn Season. The weather forecast is good. 


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