Sunday, 19 July 2015


It was only Young Jack’s third appearance of the season and he managed to hack his way into a very convincing victory. He wasn’t as giggly as normal which most probably helped him to concentrate on his game. It may have been his good ball control, excellent defending and precise passing that got him the victory but it was most probably his new mallet that made the difference. Not just any mallet but a super duper just the right length for the ever growing Jack mallet. Kol “The Statsman” assisted Young Jack with the making of the mallet in the morning and even added an irritating rattling sound to make it more interesting.
Jack soon showed Kol how well his mallet worked by consistently hacking at is bike, ankles, wrist and almost his head. “The Statsman” retired after Jack eventually brought him off his bike. He was later found in “Piss Corner” shaking and spluttering “Don’t hit me any more Mr Jack .... I’ll be a good boy”.

We also had nets last week. Well one net. Richard “Long Mallet” spent all his warm up time preparing a test net on one of the goals. A very impressive job he did too. Unfortunately the first goal of the first game went screaming right into the centre of goal and straight out of the back of the net. Oh we did laugh. 

Last week also saw the long awaited return of Paul “Worm”. After a shaky start he soon got back into it and started scoring goals and just generally getting in the way. It’s good to have you back Worm.

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