Sunday, 10 May 2015

The Summer Season Is Here

Last week saw the end of season “Sunday Funday” and it certainly lived up to its name. After raining all morning the skies cleared just in time for an epic afternoon of bicycle polo fun and frolics. There were several “Throw-Ins” and a few rounds of  “Bottom Bracket”, “Upsy Downsy”, “Knife Fight” and possibly the most confusing games of “Tap Out” ever. 

Although it was a “Funday” it did get a bit physical at times. Kol “The Statsman” and Adam “The Workaholic” had a minor coming together against the wall which was soon resolved with some gentlemanly apologies form both parties. Confused by the lack of interest in their actions from the other players they turned round to find Dean “Double Dean” Dent and Richard “My Brakes Work” Franks tangled in a “clusterf**k” of bikes and bodies. It seemed to take an age to release them from their embrace but they both survived apart from Richard leaking blood from his elbow. 

As agreed the Polo gods did a good job of holding off the rain and even the Sun gods got in on the act and turned heat up on the big orange thing in the sky up to full for the afternoon. This did make a lot of the players leak a bit though. The weather stayed fine until exactly 5:30 giving the players enough time to get home or to their favourite drinking establishment. At 5:30 all the water in the whole world fell from the sky. 

All in all it was a very fun day indeed.

This week sees the start of the Summer Season. The “One And Only” Mr Roger won the Spring League and Nick “The Shotuy One” was the #1 ranked player. Expect new challengers for the top spots this season. After only his first season Richard has shown the potential to be a contender. Dean “Double Dean” Dent is always in the mix especially when he stops spinning in circles and gets on with the game. If “Guiness Dave” learns how “not” to fall off he could be up there with the best. The ever improving PC Paul is also a threat to the top players and even “Young Jack” stands a very good chance if he  just concentrates and doesn’t have a nap during the games.

It’s going to be an exciting season so BRING ON THE POLO!

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