Sunday, 26 April 2015

All to Play For

What an excellent session it was last week. We avoided the rain, had some great games and didn’t kill or maim anyone. A fun day indeed.

Dean kindly popped down to assist and gave an excellent “Double Dean” refereeing performance. With constant and accurate weather forecasts, extremely audible time keeping and not getting in the way too much he kept the games running smoothly.
Much to Kol “The Statsman” frustration and amusement Dean decided to call “Shuffle” every time Kol touched the ball. In a statement Kol said “It was funny the first 4,000,000 times but after that it started getting a bit annoying.”

Richard “A Goal A Game” Franks put in an excellent performance scoring a goal in every game. He even got 2 in one game. Well done Richard. “Guiness” Dave (not distracted at all by locking people in a cellar or something like that) put in an excellent performance to get second spot on the day only losing out to Kol on goal difference. 

Playing only his third session of the season Young Jack “The River Horse” put in a great performance to claim 3rd spot. Well done young man. I really shouldn’t mention PC Paul’s performance but although he played well throughout the session he still managed to come last. Winning only one game. Must try harder Paul.

Today it the last session of the Spring Season. With 104 points has Mr Roger “The One And Only” done enough to stay top of the table? He has been formally excused from today’s carnage and so has his closest rival Nick “The Shouty One” on 95 points so its all down to Kol on 77 points to try and catch them. The #1 ranking is also up for grabs. Nick is currently #1 on 65.97% but a good performance by Dean 60.22% or Kol  62.60% could see him drop in the ranking.

It’s all to play for and it’s always fun so come on down and lets play polo.

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