Sunday, 15 February 2015

Manchester Cometh!!!!!!!!!!!

Lock up your daughters and hide your booze the Manchester crew are descending on Hull today to “Mix It Up” with the Hull Bicycle Polo boys and girls. Now I’m not very good at places and that there geography stuff but I have been informed that Manchester is a small village somewhere down a bit and to the left. I’m not sure what that means but I’ve looked on that google maps thing and the whole village is only 4 inches wide so expect a lot of very small people. 

Some say that the Manchester Council  has had enough of this Bike Polo nonsense and have kicked them out of town. Others suggest that they have drunk Manchester dry and are looking to Hull to quench their thirst. Either way it’s going to be a great session. The boys will be getting into Hull around 12:30ish so a slightly earlier start than normal around 1:30ish so don’t be late. Exciting times.

The weather forecast looks good for today too. There may even be some of that burning yellow thing in the sky although it does look like it may have burnt itself out before we play.

BRING ON THE POLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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