Sunday, 11 January 2015


Young Jack “The River Horse” certainly showed what he was made of last week but we all found that rather disturbing so he went on to show us how to play polo instead. After a couple of 5-1 defeats Jack soon got his game together and went on to win 9 of his 12 games. Scoring 13 goals and running rings around the rest of us, Jack was definitely the star of the day. Well done Jack on an excellent performance.

What a goal fest it was too with 70 goals being scored on the day. Kol was the top scorer on the day with 19 goals closely followed by PC Paul with 17. Both players also managed to score 5 goals in a game. Not the same game. That would be madness and also impossible. Some people may say that this was the two of them being ‘a bit greedy” but it was all down to impressive support play from Mr Roger and Young Jack.

Nick “The Shouty One” didn’t play last week but he did come down and put his shouting into practice by refereeing all the games. Although he did  constantly complain about the cold he did an excellent job. 

With only three weeks left of the winter season it is very tight at the top of the league table. Mr Roger “The one and Only” and Kol “The Statsman” are both on 117 points. Mr Roger just edging in front on goal difference.

Both Mr Roger and Kol are on 60% performance too. Can anything separate them. The next few weeks should be very interesting indeed. If Jack plays the way he did last week he could be contending for the top spot too. Exciting times.

Right I think I’ve mentioned everyone who turned up last week. Let me see... there was Nick, Mr Roger, Kol, Jack, PC Paul ... oh and Carl came along and watched a few games.

I’m sure there was someone else.... got it .. Will “Crappy Foot” was there too. How on earth did I forget Will. Now let’s see how well Will did last week. OMG he didn’t..........

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