Sunday, 14 December 2014

A “Ball Breaking” Good Time

Last week saw just four players battling for supremacy on the court. This meant several fast and furious “twosies” and a lot of silliness. It was a good day for practicing our passing moves and getting a bit of target practice in although Dean “Double Dean” Dent seemed more content with spinning 360’s. Soon the skilful passing moves turned into everyone hitting the ball as hard as they could. This continued until eventually we broke the ball.

Don’t worry we have new “cool” balls arriving soon courtesy of “The Shouty One” at East Coast Bicycles. They are “cool” in the sense that they function best between 0 and 20 degrees but they are green which is possibly slightly less "cool" than fluorescent pink.

Let’s hope for more players this week. BRING ON THE POLO!

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