Sunday, 30 November 2014

Thrills, Spills and Knife Fights

The gloomy grey day kept the players at bay on Sunday. With only Kol ‘the statsman’ and dean ‘double dean’ leaving from the shop it almost ended up in a one on one. Young jack had caught some kind of river horse Ebola and Will decided he’d like to shout at someone called Louise Hamilton through his telly box. Christmas shopping or warmth probably got the others.

When the two lonely players arrived they were greeted with a shopping trolley on court. One to go on the list alongside shed, human poo, animal poo, vodka bottles and PC Paul’s private vhs collection from weeks past.

Speaking of which, PC Paul and Mr roger did finally turn up and apologised for their tardiness. With the numbers being low Mr roger proposed a knife fight to keep us warm. No really! This thankfully involved ingeniously utilising discarded beer cans and made for a very skilful game indeed rather than actual knives.

Oh we also played some proper real polo. Mr Roger won because he had more points than the others. And Mr Roger had most goals because he scored more goals than the others. Its the aim of the game really.

Its Sunday, lets polo!

(This weeks Mallard was written by Dean "Double Dean" Dent)

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