Sunday, 20 July 2014

From a Land Down Under

Adam “The Workaholic” had an excellent session last week beating the rest of the players by a clear 4 points and was the top scorer on the day with 14 goals. Some say it was his excellent ball control, some say it was his great teamwork and some say it was his ability to score goals but we all know that it was all down to a great moustache and beard combo with a vest shaped suntan and a belly full of beer that won the day for him. Well done Adam.

Tim joined us all the way form a land down under. It was his first experience of playing hard court bike polo and after a shaky start he soon got into it. His efforts earned him a well deserved second place and he went straight in to number 2 in the ranking.
Well done Tim. Unfortunately Tim has now returned to Australia and will not be joining us again this week. See you in a few years Tim.

In other news; Nick didn’t play last week due to a boil on his undercarriage. (make up your own jokes),Will “Crappy Foot” came an impressive third, Andy “Gandhi” fell off a  lot,  Young Jack tried hard, Mr Roger was still “The One and Only”, PC Paul wasn’t there, Adam’s suntan twin Kol “The Statsman” was rubbish and Dean “Double Dean” Dent was so disgusted with his performance that he has now left the country.

Another great session. Well done everyone.

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