Sunday, 13 April 2014

Didn't Dean Do Well

Dean “Double Dean” Dent did do very very well last week. He won 7, drew 1 on only lost 1. He came second in the days goal scores too getting 8 goals. Only beaten by Nick with his 10 goals. It’s an epic battle for Dean to get back up to his favourite #4 spot in the ranking but a few more results like this could soon see him getting up there. If he continues to perform like this we may have to change his name to “Dean The Destroyer”. 
“Young Jack” had a disastrous session last week. A puncture early in the session saw him having to borrow bikes for the remaining games. This was not too his advantage and he ended up only winning 2 out of his 9 games. Bad luck Jack.

With only 3 weeks left of the Spring Season Nick is looking comfortable at the top of the table with a 28 point lead over Kol in second place. He’s not safe yet as anything could happen over the next few weeks. The battle for second place is going to  be epic. Only 3 points separate Kol, Big Red and Andy “Gandhi” in 2nd, 3rd and 4th places. It’s going to be a classic end to the season.


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