Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Spring Season Starts Today

The new Spring Season starts today and boy is it going to be fun. It’s a bit early as spring doesn’t officially start until the 20th of March but we we’re never any good at following the rules here at HBP.
Talking of rules, there will be a few rule changes today. I know you don’t like change but it has to be done. New rules will be announced at the court today.

Last week saw the end of season “Fun Day”. Oh yes it was fun. It quite quickly turned into a shambles. People were tackling and blocking their own players, everyone lost track of the score and all you could here was childish giggling. It was a lot of fun and amid the chaos there were some excellent moves and great goals.

Today also sees the return of PC Paul with a new bike and a new mallard. Looking good PC Paul, lets hope Sgt Bash lives up to his name. Let’s not break it too quickly boys and girls.

Dean “Double Dean” Dent also has a new mallard today. It is very long, very hard and has a nice wide shaft for a good firm grip. 
It is much bigger than what he is used to ........I just hope that he can handle it.


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