Sunday, 1 September 2013

Nobody Puts Mr Roger in a Corner

Possibly the most comical event of last Sunday’s session was Mr Roger’s foot down. Stuck in a corner with all the play at the other end of the court, Mr Roger tried to hop his way out. After what seemed like 5 minutes the inevitable happened. A foot down. Mr Roger being the gentleman he is refrained from swearing and continued with the game. An excellent effort Mr Roger sir!

Nick did it again. Coming first in the session but only just. Today sees Nick play his last session before taking a 2 week holiday. A 39 point lead may not be enough to keep him at the top of the table. Time for Big Red to take advantage and put in some more good performances. With only 5 sessions left in the season a few good wins could see him challenging for the top spot. It could all come down to the last session of the season.

Dean “Double Dean” Dent put in an excellent performance. After missing 3 sessions he returned last Sunday to take an impressive second place. Well done Dean. Rumours are that, after his crushing midweek defeat at the ECB Rollapaluza event, he will be sulking today and may not even turn up.

Young Jack put in another strong performance with some great goals. Jack is getting better every week and will soon be wiping the floor with us “olds”. Well done Jack.

In other news, Kol tries hard.

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