Sunday, 4 August 2013

Next Goal Wins

After a friendly knockabout last week we decided to play a bit of  2 on 2.  After several great games we thought it would be a great idea to have just “one more game” due to the weather was looking a bit dodgy.

As the game progressed we felt a few drops of rain. Dean, in an attempt to be sensible, suggested that the “next goal wins”. Almost as soon as he had uttered those fateful words the skies opened and the rain fell.

It wasn’t just “a bit of rain” or “a shower” or even “ lot of rain”. It was ALL of the rain. It was as if someone had picked up the North Sea and dropped it on us. After a mad scramble to pack away the goals we found temporary shelter but it was too late. 

The weather forecast this week is good. No rain is what it says. Lets see what happens.

Tight at the Top

Last weeks session was just a friendly, so no changes in the league table. This week normal service is resumed and it is time to get some more wins under our belts. I feel a top of the table battle happening today with Big Red and Nick fighting for that #1 spot.

Dean “Double Dean” Dent is formally excused as he is going on a well earned holiday. Have a good one “dear friend”.

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